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  • Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

    United States, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
    Institution Information
    Hospital: Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
    Address: Department of Surgery
    1 Medical Center Blvd Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27157
    Fellowship Information
    Compliance: AAST Approved ACS | ACGME Approved SCC
    Salary: Commensurate with PGY 6 - 7
    Fellowship Type: Surgical Critical Care/ACS
    Number of Years: 2
    Number of Positions: 3

    Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is in the unique geographic location in that we accept patients from both urban and rural settings which makes for a diverse physiologic presentation. The roughly 3,200 trauma admissions per year put WFBMC in the top 10% of the busiest trauma centers in the country. With almost 15% of that trauma being penetrating trauma, you will leave here trained in all aspects of trauma. This would prepare you to take a job in any setting. In addition to the clinical volume, Wake Forest has long been a leader in trauma research. Through a variety of topics from vascular injuries to open abdomen, WFBMC has been responsible for some of the sentinel articles in our field. WFBMC physicians have also been leaders in the field with faculty having served as president of virtually every major trauma organization in the country. The faculty here has also been at the forefront in the development and practice of the specialty of Acute Care Surgery (ACS). We added emergency general surgery to our practice early on and published on the creation of an emergency general surgery registry and helped create the data dictionary and grading s system that allows outcomes research for this field evolve. Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has been involved from the inception of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma accreditation for ACS training fellowships. We currently have a 100% board pass rate for surgical critical care boards since the inception of our surgical critical care fellowship program. There continues to be a huge, untapped well of research in this area and WFBMC is uniquely primed to complete that important work.

    Program Director Information
    Name: Nathan Mowery
    Address: Department of Surgery
    1 Medical Center Blvd
    United States
    Winston-Salem, NC 27157
    Phone: 3367162409
    Fax: 3367162919

    Published on: 03/29/2019
    Last Revised on: 07/07/2021

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