• ACS Program Directors Subcommittee

  • Under the leadership of Drs. Nancy Parks and Tom Carver, the Acute Care Surgery Program Directors Committee has been extremely successful. The committee is working on a networking event with ACS Program Directors and board members at the annual meeting.  

    After review by the Acute Care Surgery Program Directors Committee, the ACS Committee determined that the ACGME caselog system met the needs of the fellows for ease of data entry and also provided the reporting options needed by Program Directors.  The new ACGME caselog system was implemented March 1, 2021. Programs are reviewing the data quarterly to ensure that the fellows are meeting program requirements. 

    In addition, the Acute Care Surgery Committee has developed tools and resources to aid Programs.  We are updating the website in order to make these tools easily accessible. Bridget Lindbloom, ACS Committee and PD Committee Liaison, has also launched an ACS Fellowship Program Coordinators quarterly call to assist new Program Coordinators and streamline administrative processes.

    The Program Directors Committee and the Acute Care Surgery Committee continue to work on expanding the educational content via creation of new ACS modules.  Educational focus will be on revisiting past modules to update content and in revamping modules to be more case-based and interactive for learners.  We will also be exploring the use of podcasts for the fellows. The Acute Care Surgery in-training exam is given to the fellows at the start and at the end of fellowship, to demonstrate learning trajectory and mastery. Updates to the exam are being modified to correlated with the educational content of the ACS modules.

    Together with the Acute Care Surgery Committee, we will start looking to develop projects to build the Acute Care Surgery brand. We would like to thank all of the Acute Care Surgery Program Directors who have contributed their time and expertise to our profession.  Many thanks to Sharon Gautschy and Bridget Lindbloom for their tireless support and guidance.  The ACS Program Directors Committee anticipates another productive year.

    • Nancy Parks, MD
      Chair, Acute Care Surgery Program Directors Committee 

    • Tom Carver, MD
      Vice-Chair, Acute Care Surgery Program Directors Committee

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