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  • Communications Committee

  • Committee Leadership and Responsibilities:

    The Communications committee has two Vice-Chairs.  Jamie Coleman is leading the non-print communications and Adrian Maung is leading print communications.  The communications committee is responsible for the AAST Website, The AAST Social Media Channels, the Annual Meeting Communications, and the Annual Meeting App.

    • Ben Zarzaur – Chair
      • Accountability, Establish Mission and Goals
    • Jamie Coleman – Vice-Chair
      • Outreach/Communication: Quickshots, Social Media, Live Tweeting, Social Media
    • Adrian Maung – Vice-Chair
      • Publications: Print and Digital Newsletter, Meeting Daily Newsletter, Visual Abstracts

    Year Long Project Updates:

    • Video Communications (YouTube) Project: Initial AAST introduction layouts, and segment Intro and lead-ins have been created.  We continue to create content over 6 key areas. AAST ACS Fellowships, Physician Health, Business of Trauma Surgery, My Surgical Journey, and Trauma Leaders.
    • Cutting Edge – We have a quarterly print newsletter and a quarterly electronic newsletter. The Cutting Edge is the electronic version of the newsletter that is produced by the committee.
    • Social Media Organization- Engagement and branding via social media requires a comprehensive strategy. The current effort is being led by Jamie Coleman.
    • Website Redesign and Maintenance: With the redesign of the AAST website we have created a sub-committee tasked with reviewing the content and the ease of navigation of the website.  They are also responsible for identifying any broken links, misspellings, and other formatting issues.

    Meeting Activities Updates:

    • Annual Meeting Daily Newsletter: Another sub-committee that has been hard at work making plans for the virtual meeting is the daily newsletter sub-committee.
    • Annual Meeting Visual Abstracts: This sub-committee is actively reviewing visual abstracts provided by authors.
    • Quick Shots: The Quick Shots sub-committee will pick up to 10 Quick Shot presentations to highlight during this year’s virtual meeting. Click here to find the 2020 Quickshot interviews.
    • Annual Meeting App / Virtual Meeting Platform Review: This sub-committee is actively reviewing the content within the virtual meeting platform as well as the associated meeting app. The main goal of the review is to look for broken links, misspellings, and other formatting issues.
    • Publication at Presentation Manuscripts: Jason Smith, in conjunction with the Program Committee, Drs. Moore and Fabian, as well as the Journal Staff, continued this program that began in 2019

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