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  • Communications Committee

  • Committee Leadership and Responsibilities:

    The Communications committee has two Vice-Chairs.  Jamie Coleman is leading the non-print communications and Shannon Foster is leading print communications.  The communications committee is responsible for the AAST Website, The AAST Social Media Channels, the Annual Meeting Communications, and the Cutting Edge Newsletter.

    • Adrian Maung– Chair 
      • Accountability, Establish Mission and Goals
    • Jamie Coleman – Vice-Chair 
      • Outreach/Communication: Quickshots, Social Media, Live Tweeting, Social Media
    • Shannon Foster– Vice-Chair
      • Publications: Print and Digital Newsletter, Meeting Daily Newsletter, Visual Abstracts

    Year Long Project Updates:

    • Cutting Edge –The Cutting Edge is a quarterly electronic newsletter that is produced by the committee.
    • Social Media Organization- Engagement and branding via social media requires a comprehensive strategy. The current effort is being led by Jamie Coleman.
    • Assisting AAST Committees with Internal & External Communications – The Communications Committee has been developing a standardized process to assist other AAST committees with communicating their work products to both AAST members as well as outside stakeholders.
    • TSACO and JOTACS Collaboration: The committee is exploring collaborations efforts to help promote publications that either have been presented at the annual meeting or are authored by AAST members throughout the year to increase exposure both for AAST and the two journals. 

    Meeting Activities Updates:

    • Annual Meeting Daily Newsletter: The committee is responsible for publishing a daily electronic newsletter during the annual meeting recapping the prior days activity as well as previewing the upcoming events.  
    • Annual Meeting Visual Abstracts: Committee also review visual abstracts provided by authors and publishes them on social media. 
    • Quick Shots: The Quick Shots sub-committee picks up to 10 Quick Shot presentations to highlight during this year’s virtual meeting with pre-recorded video interviews 
    • Social Media: The committee works to increase social media engagement during the annual meeting utilizing multiple platforms. 

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