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    Geriatric Traumatic Brain Injury

    We are performing a Multi-Institutional prospective observation study of Geriatric patients with Traumatic Brain Injury.   This study has been approved by the AAST MITC Committee.


    Primary aim

    1. To establish an aggregate database of information on baseline clinical and demographic characteristics, medication use, markers of frailty, injury characteristics, management strategies, and outcomes following TBI in geriatric patients.

    Secondary aims

    1. Establish best practices for management of geriatric patients with TBI
    2. Establish how markers of frailty correlate with outcome in geriatric patients with TBI

    Experimental Design/Methods

    Study Design:

    Prospective multi-center observational study of geriatric patients with TBI.  Data collected with be purely observational and involve no study-based therapeutic interventions or alterations in patient care. 

    Inclusion Criteria:

    1. Age ≥40
    2. CT-verified TBI

    Exclusion Criteria:

    1. Any other body region injury AIS >2
    2. Presentation at enrolling center >24 hours after injury
    3. Pregnant women
    4. Prisoners

    Please contact Deb Stein @ if interested in participating!

    If you have an upcoming or currently enrolling study involving elderly patients from Trauma or Emergency General Surgery, please send a brief description to be added to this webpage:

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