• Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

  • AAST mission of inclusion and diversity is accomplished through the following:

    • Creating, welcoming, and actively promoting diversity within its membership and leadership
    • Ensuring transparency and equity in all decisions related to scholarships, membership, and leadership positions
    • Actively promoting diversity in programming and participation in the Annual Scientific Meeting
    • Initiation of educational efforts aimed at eliminating health inequities and increasing cultural awareness within the profession of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
    • Advocating for issues that affect disadvantaged patient populations
    • Striving to dismantle systemic inequities that influence the work of the organization
    • Providing career development opportunities for surgeon scholars and leaders from diverse backgrounds
    • Further developing diverse representation on the editorial boards of both AAST journals, TSACO and JTACS. 

    Updated President's Statement on Racism

    AAST Statement on Racism

    As surgeons, our duty by oath is to care for all who are sick and injured. Racism and discrimination are forms of structural violence and are public health issues that are especially harmful to our Black, Brown, AAPI, and LGTBQ communities. AAST stands against any and all forms of racism, violence, intolerance, and discrimination. We will continue to support our patients, fellows, and associates by using our voices to amplify and support the health and safety of all races, ethnicities, classifications, and self-identification. We encourage you to listen to your patients, fellow members, and coworkers' experiences during this time and to continue to offer them your support. As an organization, we call on our members to continue our mission to improve the quality of care for EVERY patient by advancing our field through compassion, discovery, and dedication.

    David A. Spain, MD, FACS

    New Opportunity: DEI/Associate Essay

    The AAST’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and Associate Member Council are hosting an essay contest for medical students, residents, and fellows as a part of this year’s 80th Annual Meeting of AAST & Clinical Congress of Acute Care Surgery. The Winners of this contest will have their essays published in Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open and receive a $250 cash prize!

    Please send your final word document to rsass@aast.org by MONDAY, JULY 26TH.

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