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  • Injury Assessment Outcome Committee

  • Overall function (Summary): To develop systems for measuring severity of disease and patient outcomes encompassing all aspects of Acute Care Surgery, i.e., Trauma, Emergency General Surgery, and Surgical Critical Care.

    Vision: The products of this committee will establish AAST as the leader in measuring severity of disease and patient outcomes in Acute Care Surgery.

    Mission: To develop systems for measuring disease severity and patient outcomes for research and quality improvement in Acute Care Surgery that are data driven, validated, and regularly updated.


    1. Develop and validate severity and outcomes measures for Emergency General Surgery
    2. Collaborate with AAAM in revisions and validation of AIS measures for Trauma
    3. Collaborate with SCCM to develop and validate measures of severity of critical illness
    4. Support committee members in individual member-led research projects within the scope of work of the committee.

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