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  • International Breakfast Session

    2020 - 79th Annual Meeting of AAST

    September 14 at 4 pm US Central time

    Moderators: Michel Aboutanos / Rochelle Dicker

    Speaker: Dr. Antonio Marttos - president-elect- Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS)


    Title: Telehealth: A tool for Global Collaboration in Trauma & Medical Crisis

    Speaker: Antonio Marttos -  PTS


    • Amit Gupta - Indian Society for Trauma & Acute Care - ISTAC  Representative
    • Li Hsee -  Australasian Trauma Society –ATS representative
    • Tina Gaarder  - European Society of Trauma and Emergency Surgery- ESTES representative
    • Wole Olaomi  -  West African College of Surgeons – WACS representative

    Open Questions: 15 min

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