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  • Partner Societies

    Australian Trauma Society (ATS)
    Representative: Dr. Lee Hsee

    European Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ESTES) 
    Representatives: Dr. Christoph Josten and Dr. Ingo Marzi

    Japanese Society for the Acute Care Surgery (JSACS) 
    Representative: Dr. Yasuhiro Otomo

    Japanese Association for the Surgery of Trauma (JAST) & Japanese Association of Acute Medicine (JAAM)   
    Representatives: Dr. Takashi Fujita and Dr. Yasumitsu Mizobata

    International Association for the Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care (IATSIC) 
    Representative: Dr. Tina Gaardner

    Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS)  
    Representatives: Dr. Felipe Vega and Dr. Antonio Martos

    The College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA)
    Representative: Dr. Pankaj Jani

    International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC) 
    Representative: Dr. Kenneth Boffard

    Lusitanian Association for Trauma and Emergency Surgery  
    Representative: Dr. Carlos Mosquato

    Trauma Society of South Africa   
    Representative: Dr. Steve Moeng

    Indian Society for Trauma & Acute Care   
    Representative: Dr. Amit Gupta

    World Society of Emergency Surgery   
    Representative: Dr. Yoram Kluger and Dr. Federico Coccolini

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