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  • Patient Assessment Committee

  • Accomplishments

    Despite COVID-related delays and stressors, the PAC has accomplished several key items in the past 6 months.

    1. ICD-10 project using WHA data (Ingraham, Utter) will be submitted for publication by September 1.
    2. Cholecystitis AAST grading multicenter study accepted for publication JTACS, to be presented at AAST v2020
    3. EGS triage criteria white paper accepted for publication JTACS
    4. Early planning stages of retrospective, multicenter evaluation of EGS triage criteria (McCrum)
    5. SBO/elderly project submitted to Western Surgical (Crandall, Liepert)
    6. Bowel OIS revisions manuscript near-completion, will submit to JTACS before Oct 1 (Tominaga)
    7. Vascular surgery training survey results complete; on advice of Dr. Moore, will write editorial for Annals research article on vascular training

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