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    The AAST Publications and Communications Committee continued to have a productive year. The goal of the committee is to enhance organization and member communication and to increase the international exposure of the AAST through social media and a myriad of other communication platforms. Over the past year, a main focus of our committee has been to increase the use of social media and enhance the AAST brand. Through the leadership of our past committee chair, Dr. Michael Rotondo (current AAST President-elect), and Dr. Jason Smith, we have significantly increased our social media footprint at the Annual Meeting—the Waikoloa Meeting in 2016 had a greater social media exposure than the 10 prior Annual Meetings combined.

    Drs. John Como and Adrian Maung and their team have taken our electronic newsletter, the Cutting Edge, to the next level over the past year producing a fantastic bi-monthly communication. Standing columns in the newsletter provide information on challenges in acute care surgery billing, use of social media in medicine, interesting recent news in the work of acute care surgery, as well as important information from the AAST and updates on member activities. The editors are always interested in finding new content or challenging coding questions; do you have takes to be involved? Contact Brea Sanders and join the Cutting Edge team.

    If you’ve been to the AAST website lately you know that a lot of changes have occurred over the past year. Going forward, Dr. Vishal Bansal is working to restructure the Library links to make it easier for members to get the information they need, such as access to our Trauma Tools where you can find information on organ injury grading, online injury scoring calculators, and a link to the AAST Grand Rounds webcasts. Dr. Patrick Kim is working to restructure our fellowship listing and to link our site with the Society of Critical Care Program Directors, while keeping a comprehensive and up-to-date list of both accredited and non-accredited fellowships. Look for both of these major overhauls to be live in the spring of 2017.

    At the Annual Meeting in Waikoloa this past year, you may have had the chance to evaluate our updated Annual Meeting app or picked up a copy of our Annual Meeting newsletter. Dr. Eric Kuncir did a fantastic job pulling these together over the past year. Dr. Jose Pascual will be taking over this venture in the coming year, and he has some big shoes to fill.

    Drs. Ben Zarzaur and Amy Goldberg continued our Quick Shots spotlight video series which is now on the website. This series highlights some of the most interesting Quick Shots presented at the AAST Annual Meeting and offers the authors a chance to discuss their manuscript and presentation in a little more depth.

    Overall, we have been very busy and will continue to be in the upcoming year. We are always looking for members to volunteer content and be a part of the publications team. We look forward to talking to you; we always need members to help provide content for the Annual Meeting, the Cutting Edge, and be part of Publications team. We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested.

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