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    The Critical Care Committee has been working hard on executing the vision outlined in last year’s strategic plan through monthly conference calls and the hard work of our committee members, new and old. Several efforts relate to the research agenda, with the first two Critical Care Committee-sponsored studies now ongoing through the AAST MITC. The first of these is the Trauma ICU Prevalence study, or TRIPP, led by Dr. Christopher Michetti. The initial findings have been accepted for a podium presentation at the Annual Meeting, and will provide the framework for conducting clinical trials in the future. The second effort, led by Dr. Deb Stein and conducted in collaboration with the Geriatric Committee, is an observational study of geriatric patients with traumatic brain injury.

    Further work on the research agenda will be directed by a thorough, needs assessment. We’ll review relevant seminal critical-care articles from the last 10 years with a structured tool to determine which have data derived from surgical patients and identify where the gaps in our evidence base are. Drs. Dennis Kim, Matt Lissauer, and Niels Martin are leading this effort.

    The committee has also begun work on developing clinical practice guidelines as related to critical care. The first of these, on nutrition, was led by Dr. Panna Codner and it was recently approved by the Board of Managers. Work is ongoing on CPGs for ECMO, volume assessment and monitoring, and palliative care.

    If you have visited the AAST website recently, you may have seen our committee's review of the recent study by Marik et al., advocating vitamin C and thiamine for severe sepsis and septic shock. This review, with available self-assessment CME, will also be published in the Cutting Edge. This is the first in a series of reviews that will be conducted by the committee, which will provide a critical review of an article along with practical information about practice application(s) of the studied intervention(s). This first review was written by Drs. Ron Simon and Sonlee West; they are leading this effort for the committee. Finally, we’d like to extend our thanks to Rachel Sass, the new education manager for the AAST. She has been instrumental in shepherding this project to completion.

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