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    Associate Member News

    AAST Scrub Caps are Available!

    They're here! AAST now has short and long hair scrub caps available. Visit to purchase yours today!

    Associate What's App Groups

    We are launching several WhatsApp groups - the first includes all of the general membership to communicate directly about AM programming - if you do not want to be included in this WhatsApp group, please email to let us know.  Additionally, we are launching three additional WhatsApp Groups: Research (for those who want to be in a text thread about research questions/ideas/collaboration opportunities), Jobs (for job opportunities we are posting or know about that aren’t posted), and Clinical Questions (for clinical questions you have, mgmt conundrums, changes in practice; think of it as having another “partner” to run stuff by).  If you are interested in any of these three groups, please email to let her know.

    Inaugural AAST Associate Member Essay Competition

    The AAST associate member council is pleased to announce its inaugural essay competition.  The purpose of this annual competition is to encourage associate members to explore a contemporary theme in trauma and acute care surgery.  This year’s theme explores the impact of COVID on the field of trauma and acute care surgery.  The competition is open to all residents, and medical students.  Medical students and residents need not be associate members of AAST in order to participate.  

    Essays are due by June 30, 2021, and winners will be selected by August 1, 2021.  Winning entries will receive a cash award and recognition at the AAST annual meeting (September 29 - October 2 in Atlanta, GA).  The award does not include any costs associated with attending the annual meeting. 

    Entry details:

    • Essays may explore any aspect of the impact of COVID-19 on trauma and acute care surgery research, patient care, and policy
    • Essays should be limited to 1000 words
    • The inclusion of references is optional.  Citations should be formatted according to the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
    • Essays should be submitted to ***.  
    • Essays should include a separate title page which includes the author's name, home institution, and level of training.
    • Essays can be submitted by groups.  However cash prizes will not be increased based on the number of authors

    Join an AAST Associate Member Committee

    AAST Associate Member committees are open for volunteers! Visit here for the Associate Member committee volunteer form for committee descriptions and the volunteer form.

    AMC Education/E-Learning Committee

    • Work with Education Councilor
    • Provide a schedule for online education yearly
    • Develop education at the AAST Annual Meeting including pre-session, lunch or
    • breakfast sessions and any special sessions
    • Provide a report at the AMC Business Meeting
    • Chair to attend Executive Committee calls as needed
    • Attend AMC calls as needed
    • Develop content for the AAST App relevant to Associate Members

    Scholarship, Awards, and Development Committee

    • Develop a marketing plan for the R&E Fund Scholarship (research scholarships)
    • Promote and review Annual Meeting Scholarship submissions
    • Develop a fundraising program for Associate Members
    • Chair to attend Executive Committee calls as needed
    • Provide a report at the AMC Business Meeting
    • Chair to attend Executive Committee calls as needed
    • Attend AMC calls as needed

    Communications Committee

    • Develop AMC electronic newsletter
    • Provide input into the AAST print newsletter and electronic newsletter, Cutting Edge
    • Develop and manage the Associate Member Council section of the AAST website
    • Develop a communication policy for members
    • Manage monthly communication to associate members
    • Chair to attend Executive Committee calls as needed
    • Attend AMC calls as needed

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