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    Disaster Available Supplies in Hospitals (DASH) Tool

    Disaster Available Supplies in Hospitals

    Disaster Available Supplies in Hospitals (DASH) is an interactive tool that can help hospital emergency planners and supply chain staff estimate supplies that may need to be immediately available during various mass casualty incidents (MCI) and infectious disease emergencies based on hospital characteristics. DASH recommends average par levels for specific supplies that acute care hospitals may need to have on hand to respond to a disaster in their community until resupplied. Recommendations are based on user inputs about the size of the hospital, risks in the community, regional role/designation of the hospital, and other factors.

    DASH is comprised of several modules which, taken together, can provide hospitals a holistic view of the supplies needed to address various types of incidents. Each module also incorporates pediatric sizes and specific medication needs as appropriate to the incident. Most users will elect to complete one module or a segment of the module per sitting as inputs cannot be saved in the tool. Please read the instructions and refer to them as you complete each module.

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