• Disaster Committee: AAST Expands Website To Include Disaster Resource Page

    Jane Keating, MD

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    AAST Expands Website To Include Disaster Resource Page

    The AAST Disaster Committee announces the development of a specialized website linked to the organization’s main website that was designed to provide members and other trauma providers with rapid access to a wide array of disaster management resources.  

    The website was designed for clinicians who are seeking quick access to a comprehensive collection of disaster management materials that would be useful in both preparing for and responding to disasters of all types. The primary focus during the development process was to provide clinicians with a comprehensive list of current resources related to disaster response, preparedness and education.

    The materials included on this webpage were compiled by committee members over a year-long period of time and the website includes resources such as books, online web pages, videos, virtual courses, and in-person courses. The site is easily searchable by topic and also allows users to browse the website based on resource type and special populations, as well as materials that offer continuing medical education (CME) credit.

    Examples of resources include links and descriptions to several in-person courses offered in the United States including the ACS DMEP (American College of Surgeons Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness) Course, Medical Disaster Response Course at Mattox TCCAS (Trauma Critical Care and Acute Care Surgery), the Stop the Bleed(R) course, Resuscitation Adjuncts: Prehospital Transfusion and REBOA (RAPTOR) course, Valkyrie Transfusion Program, and the National Disaster Life Support Foundation courses. Additionally, several in-person international educational opportunities including the Anesthesia Trauma and Critical Care Course (ATACC), London Air Ambulance Prehospital and Emergency Endovascular Resuscitation Course, and the Emergency Trauma Management Course are included.

    The website also provides links specific to certain disaster types included on frequently utilized websites such as FEMA.gov, Ready.gov, CDC.gov, DDS.gov, and HHS.gov. Additionally, there are quick links relevant to particularly vulnerable populations such as pediatrics, geriatrics, persons with disabilities and refugees.

    Ongoing maintenance of this resource will be an active process with disaster committee members keeping content current and relevant. AAST members may provide direct feedback regarding information that should be considered for inclusion on the website by entering their name, email and suggestion. Additionally, development of a smartphone application containing the Disaster Management and Preparedness material is also underway.


    The AAST disaster committee anticipates that this new website will go live in time to be introduced to the membership that the Annual meeting in September. After September, the new website can be found at: https://www.aast.org/disaster-management






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