• Editor's Note

    Dr. Adrian Maung

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    Welcome to the Winter Edition 2020 of the Cutting Edge!

    This edition has a new look and layout to help you stay informed about all the exciting programs and events from the AAST and its members. In this edition, you will find:

    • The “Member News” section highlights both professional and personal updates on AAST members.
    • The November E-News with links to the virtual 79th Annual Meeting.
    • Information about the Virtual Job Fair Scheduled for Dec 3-5.
    • Recap of the International Breakfast Session including the talk by Dr. Antonio Marttos who is the president-elect of the Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS)
    • Links to critical care journal reviews by the Critical Care Committee

    I hope you enjoy your issue of the “Cutting Edge.” As always, please send us any feedback or issues that you would like to see in the coming issues of the newsletter. (aast@aast.org)

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