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    Dr. Adrian Maung

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    Welcome to the June 2022 Edition of the Cutting Edge!

    This edition includes information to help you stay informed about all the exciting programs and events from the AAST and its members. In this edition, you will find:

    • Information on the upcoming Annual Meeting in Chicago!
    • June 2022 E-News
    • The “Prevention Quarter” contains two great articles: Dr. Thomas Duncan writes on “Firearm Violence Perspective from the Injury Prevention Committee” and Dr. D'Andrea Joseph on “IPV and Elderly”
    • The “Diversity, equity, and inclusion feature“ also contains two great articles: Dr. Cherisse Berry writes on “The Intersection of DEI, Trauma, and Public Policy” and Dr. Fariha Sheikh discusses “Evolution In Surgery.”
    • “Trauma on the South Side: The Origins of a New Trauma Center” by Dr. Priya S. Prakash & Dr. Jennifer T. Cone details the development of the University of Chicago trauma center.

    I hope you enjoy your issue of the “Cutting Edge.”  As always, please send us any feedback or issues that you would like to see in the coming issues of the newsletter. (aast@aast.org)

    Thank you

    Adrian Maung

    FROM INCOMING EDITOR - Shannon Marie Foster, MD, FACS

    Greetings, friends, and colleagues –

    On behalf of the Communications Committee, and in gratitude to Drs. Zarzaur and Maung, I reach out to introduce myself as the next Editor of the AAST quarterly newsletter, the Cutting Edge.  I look forward to assuming this task and continuing to ensure our publication is timely, impactful, and widely consumed by our trauma community.  A few additional changes will gradually manifest:  Increased editorial content from invited authors addressing timely non-clinical practice or professional concerns and an emphasis on member exchange and some personal stories - expressions of self – literature, poetry, photographs, painting, needlework, music – as we have found success in the annual auction of each other’s talents – let’s share in them regularly.  We hope to highlight and curate our member's personal contributions as a place of beauty, safe expression, and reminder that we are all complex and multi-faceted. 

    To that end, I ask each of you, our valued members, to consider what would catch your eye on these pages.  And then further consider how YOU would be willing to contribute. 
    We look forward to sharing the great work of our committees, the professional work that may not be the usual research, and the non-work moments that make us trauma surgeons.

    I look forward to this endeavor, with appreciation and gratitude

    Shannon Marie Foster MD FACS

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