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    Surgical Critical Care Medicine: Surviving Sepsis Campaign’s COVID-19 Guidelines

    Society of Critical Care Medicine

    In the newly released first evidence-based update of the SSC COVID-19 guidelines, the panel issued nine statements related to ICU patients with severe or critical COVID-19. Several of the original recommendations remain current. Amongst the nine updates for treating severe or critical COVID-19 patients, the panel strongly recommends using systemic corticosteroids and venous thromboprophylaxis, and strongly recommends against using hydroxychloroquine. In addition, the panel suggests using dexamethasone (compared with other corticosteroids) and suggests against using convalescent plasma outside clinical trials. The SSC COVID-19 panel suggests using remdesivir in nonventilated patients with severe COVID-19 and suggests against starting remdesivir in patients with critical COVID-19 outside clinical trials. Because of insufficient evidence, the panel was not able to issue recommendations on the use of awake prone positioning or empiric therapeutic anticoagulation. The original guidelines can be viewed as published in June, 2020 in the journals Critical Care Medicine or Intensive Care Medicine contain relevant and important guidance for clinician consideration.

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