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    Welcome to the new AAST Website! We are excited to show you the new features on the site and will continue to provide updates through the Cutting Edge to give you the best and most helpful tips on the website! Need help? E-mail aast@aast.org and the staff can help you!

    Member Dashboard Navigation

    Welcome to the new member dashboard! AAST is making it easier than ever for you to find members-only content, CME certificates, and newsletters this year! More features are being developed to make this an interactive member site. Make sure to read future Cutting Edge editions to see more.

    There are two ways to access the membership dashboard!

    • Access "my dashboard" by selecting the arrow next to MY AAST at the top of the home page (highlighted in blue). Click My Dashboard to access your AAST dashboard

    • Access the dashboard by selecting the three lines to the left of the home page


    In the dashboard, you will find new ways to:

    • Access the member directory (if you are logged in as an AAST member)
    • Update your profile (please contact AAST if you are planning to change your e-mail)
    • Change your account password
    • Check your councils and committees
    • View your old and new job postings
    • Learn about new meetings and abstract deadlines
    • AAST Member information
      • 2020 Visual Annual Report
      • By-laws
      • Directory
      • Survey Submission Information
    • Past Newsletters

    More features are being added! Have suggestions? Send an e-mail to the staff at aast@aast.org

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