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    Website from the American Burn Association

    American Burn Association

    Website from the American Burn Association that provides free resources related to burn care in the event of a mass casualty or disaster. The website includes links to articles and slide shows entitled 1.) Introduction to Burn Disaster, Airway and Ventilator Management, and Fluid Resuscitation, 2.) Special Etiologies: Blast, Radiation, and Chemical Injuries and 3.) Surgical and Nonsurgical Wound Management. Additionally, there are links to Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Information (TRACIE), RITN Center Contact Information (Transplant Centers), Radiation Emergency Medical Management (REMM), Evaluation and Treatment for COVID-19 , Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) Guidelines on the Management of Critically Ill Adults with COVID-19. Also, there are burn disaster plans by region.

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