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    Initiating New Studies

    The Multi-Institutional Trails Committee is accepting proposals for new multi-center studies. Each study is headed by one Coordinating Center, which is primarily responsible for designing the protocol and data collection sheet. After appropriate input and revisions, the studies are posted on the AAST-MIT webpage and interested centers may participate.

    Studies Likely to be Approved for AAST Sponsorship

    1. Prospective
    2. Clear and clinically relevant hypothesis
    3. Clear and concise study design
    4. Feasible (not very complex or time consuming)
    5. Study period that is less than 2 years (and preferably not longer than 1 year)
    6. Leadership potential in the Coordinating Center

    Apply for AAST-MITC Sponsorship

    To submit a study for consideration by the MITC, please complete the AAST MIT Application send the Study Design and Data Collection sheet to Todd Costantini, MITC Chair for review, or complete the online form below:

  • AAST MIT Application