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    This year’s 81st Annual Meeting of AAST & Clinical Congress of Acute Care Surgery poster sessions will be in-person in Chicago, Illinois.

    Please note all posters at the meeting will be available for viewing by means of an online ePoster session; therefore, no printed posters will be at the meeting. Your poster that will be shown on site will be the same one that you submit to the virtual platform by Wednesday, September 14th. On site, there will be two poster professors per session (two poster professors at all 7 kiosks, with roughly 10 presenters per kiosk) that will facilitate discussion and will move the session forward. The poster professors will announce each poster title as the session progresses. As an ePoster format, each presenter will stand by the kiosk to wait until their name is called. Once it is called, you will stand next to your poster and begin your presentation. During your presentation, you will have four minutes to present your poster and will be allotted two minutes for questions from the attendees. The poster sessions will be held on Wednesday, September 21st from 6:15-7:15 PM CST and Thursday, September 22nd 12:00-1:00 PM CST. Your assignment to which day/time and group your poster is placed has been emailed to you.


      • A section at the top of the poster must contain the Title, Authors, and Affiliations
      • Files must be in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file format
      • PDFs should be formatted landscape, 8.5 x 11 inches (or similar)
      • All posters will be shown on a ~72” TV screen. Please ensure that your poster is readable up to four feet from the screen.

    If you need help with uploading your poster/presentation or have any additional questions, please contact Rachel Sass at


    Welcome to AAST's poster center.

    After navigating to this URL:, you will log in using your AAST username and password. If you have forgotten or do not know your password, use the Forgot Password link to create a new one.

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    After logging in you will be taken to the Poster Submission Center. There you will be able to begin the process of editing or creating your poster. To get started click the Create/Edit poster link.

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    General Information:

    This will take you to the General Information section to be filled out. Once completed, click Save and Proceed.

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    This section is where you will create your poster. After filling out all the required sections, click Save and Proceed.

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    This section is where you are going to add any other authors that need to be associated with the poster.

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    Review and Submit:

    This section is where you are going to review your newly created poster. Once completed, you will click the Submit Poster button.

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    Once you have completed this last step your poster has been submitted!

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