• Are You Ready for #AASTGivingTuesday2021?!

    AAST wants to raise $30,000 for Giving Tuesday this year!

    This year at the Annual Meeting, an international member of AAST told us that he goes to certain meetings for different reasons. Some for the science, some for credits, and some for a vacation. He told us he comes to AAST for all of these, but mostly for the family. AAST is more than a professional organization, it is a collection of trauma leaders depending on and learning from each other.

    Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, #GivingTuesday is a celebration of our members and friends who support the betterment of trauma through investing in AAST. #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving powered by social media and collaboration.

    This year, AAST would like to focus on the family of AAST and why they continue to support us. After over 25 years of fundraising, AAST has been able to sponsor both international and national leaders of trauma today. Leaders like Dr. David Spain, our President-Elect and Dr. Eileen Bulger, current Chair of the Committee on Trauma and AAST Secretary-Treasurer who were awarded scholarships, became members, and are now on our board.

    Your investment in the field of trauma makes an indispensable difference in the care of critically ill surgical patients. From research to meeting scholarships, the over 25 years of fundraising has made a lasting difference in the field of acute care surgery and we have you to thank for that. 

    How to Participate?


    • This year, AAST is playing a game of tag! With each donation, patrons have the opportunity to “challenge” a fellow member, friend, or scholarship awardee to donate $25 or more!
    • Donate to AAST, take a snapshot, and tag your friends! It’s that easy.

    Take an #Unselfie

    • Post an #unselfie telling why you give and/or what your AAST means to you. What do you love about AAST? What makes you want to be a part of AAST? How do you want to invest in the future?
    • Use this template and tell us how AAST makes a difference!

    AAST’s The Challenge: Giving Tuesday

    • Each AAST committee is being called to raise $2,500 from Giving Tuesday. This is an organization-wide competition between AAST committees.
    • Because of various committee sizes, the winner will be determined by committee participation. This will be calculated by the percentage of how many people participate based on the total amount donated.


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