• Message From the President, Raul Coimbra, MD

    Dear Members of the AAST, It is my distinct honor to write the 2016 winter newsletter as your president. I am absolutely committed, excited, and energized to be a servant but also a transformational leader to our organization. First, I must acknowledge the fantastic leadership provided by our immediate past-president Dr. Grace S. Rozycki. I also want to recognize the work of many colleagues and friends who have rotated off of the Board of Managers: Past Vice-President Dr. Michael Sise, Past Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Martin Croce, Manager-at-Large Dr. Rosemary Kozar, and Critical Care Manager-at-Large Dr. Orlando Kirton. I want to welcome the new officers: President-Elect Dr. Michael Rotondo, Vice-President Dr. Demetrios Demetriades, Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Eileen Bulger, Manager-at-Large Dr. Raminder Nirula, and Critical Care Manager-at-Large Dr. Karen Brasel. This fantastic group of dedicated officers will join Dr. Edward Cornwell, Dr. David Livingston, Dr. Kimberly Davis, and Dr. David Spain, as well as past presidents Dr. Grace Rozycki, Dr. Thomas Scalea, and Dr. William Cioffi in the leadership group. I also want to welcome and thank the new committee chairs and committee members who donate their time and do great work to move the organization forward. The meeting in Hawaii was very well attended and Program Chairman and Recorder Dr. David Spain delivered a program of the highest quality. In addition to the high level of the science presented in the regular sessions, the Quick Shots session and the lunch sessions were all very well attended and received by the attendees. Next year we go to Baltimore for our Annual Meeting and Recorder Spain is already preparing a high quality and robust program, which will also include the extra MOC session. The AAST will also be sponsoring a session during the 47th World Congress of Surgery in Basel, Switzerland, August 13– 17, 2017. The abstract system for this six-paper session opened on October 1 and will close on December 1.