• Message From the President, Martin A. Croce, MD

    President’s Perspective
    Welcome to the AAST News! This year promises to be a very productive one for the AAST. We have a number of initiatives that are progressing to fruition. This will lead to a wealth of information for our members, which will hopefully lead to improved outcomes for our patients.

    I want to first express my appreciation to the membership for trusting me to be your president. It is humbling and exciting, and I am grateful for this opportunity. I especially want to thank Dr. Michael Rotondo for Executing on the Vision set forth a couple years ago. I also want to curse him for leaving such huge shoes to fill! Rest assured that we will continue the strategic plan so we can continue to be the premier academic association for the study of trauma, emergency general surgery, and surgical critical care in the world.

    This year’s Board of Managers is well positioned to accomplish this task. Dr. Fred Luchette adds a wealth of experience as the vice president. Everyone is already familiar with the outstanding work by Drs. Eileen Bulger and Patrick Reilly in their roles as secretary-treasurer and program chair, respectively. Adding President-elect Dr. David Spain and Manager-at-large Dr. Robert Winchell creates a formidable team dedicated to the AAST.

    We will continue to work with our partners to fulfill our mission. Collaboration with the ACS-COT, EAST, WTA, CNTR, SAGES, along with our international colleagues at ESTES, IATSIC, PTS, WCTC, WSES, etc., will allow us to answer questions, resulting in improved outcomes for our patients.

    I’d also like to welcome the new members. We are expecting quite a bit from you all, so make sure to send your best work to the meeting. For all you “old” members, the same goes for you, too! We have two avenues for publication—JTACS and TSACO—of our research led by excellent, accomplished editors: Drs. Ernest “Gene” Moore and Timothy Fabian. Both journals remain successful. We are excited about the upward growth and now PubMed listing of our open journal TSACO!

    Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the true backbone of the AAST. Our central office, led by Executive Director Sharon Gautschy, is second to none. Jermica Smith, Brea Sanders, Rachel Sass, and Bridget Lindbloom are outstanding performers for the AAST. Karla Stuecker, the senior meeting planner, is outstanding in her job. The entire team always creates a seamless activity, which makes it easy to enjoy the meeting. It is safe to say that the Association would be considerably worse off without this exceptional team of professionals. They are full of ideas, all of which mesh well with our strategic and research agendas. More to come on some new initiatives later!