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  • Hot Topics in Emergency Medicine for Advanced Practice Providers-Hybrid (Virtual And Live) Event 2023

    About The Event

    Our 2023 Hot Topics in Emergency Medicine for Advanced Practice Providers is a hybrid (virtual and live) event on September 30, 2023. The symposium is focused on providing participants with the most recent, evidence-based information on leading topics in emergency medicine. Presented by leading experts in Emergency Medicine, the format for the lectures are case-based, highlighting the main teaching points, followed by a lively Q and A discussion session.

    Last years online symposium was a major success -- we listened to your feedback and are also offering the course as on-demand after the symposium has ended. The on-demand sessions will be available for 90 days after the event, and credit can be claimed for each presentation.

    Who should attend this symposium?

    The conference is designed for Medical professionals working in ambulatory and emergency care settings. 

    Physician Assistants

    Nurse Practitioners


    Emergency Physicians

    Physicians in Primary Care


    What is this meeting about? 

    Hot Topics in Emergency Medicine for the Advanced Practice Provider (APP) is designed to update emergency medicine providers on the most high-yield topics, guidelines and core competencies that are needed to ensure quality care. The conference will close gaps that affect practitioners' ability to provide efficient, cutting-edge care to a diverse range of patients who present to the Emergency Department.  As a result of attending this online program attendees will be able to:

    Utilize best practices in managing urgent care and critical pediatric patients, such as febrile seizures and viral exanthems. 

    Apply management strategies for acute infections, sedation, and pain regimens. 

    Develop appropriate treatment plans to manage critical care patients, such as toxicology and cardiac emergencies and head trauma. 

    Optimize management of cardiac emergencies, including low-risk chest pain, hypertension, and decompensated heart failure.

    Enhance approach, management, and skills used in telemedicine, urgent care centers, and observation units.

    Advance the approach and management of a patient in real-time through SIM, bedside ultrasounds, splinting, and airway management. 

    Enhance EKG interpretation and various radiologic study reading through real-time instruction.  

    Enduring Credits

    The live and post meeting recordings and PDF's of lectures will be available in our online portal

    Just register to gain access









    In-Person PA-C/NP/Physician/RN: USD 200.00,

    In-Person EMT/Paramedic/Other: USD 120.00,

    In-Person Fellows/Residents/Students or Non-CME: USD 60.00,

    In-Person Group Price: USD 1500.00,

    Virtual PA-C/NP/Physician/RN: USD 125.00,

    Virtual EMT/Paramedic/Other: USD 45.00,

    Virtual Fellows/Residents/Students or Non-CME: USD 15.00,

    Virtual Group Price: USD 1000.00

    Speakers: Andy Jagoda, MD, Erika Gutter, PA-C, Edwin Oey, PA-C, Angela Chen, MD, Felipe Serrano, MD, Chris Strother, MD, Jonathan Yeo, MD, Lara Vanyo, MD, Edward Sloan , MD, Claire Webster, PA-C, Jeffrey Strelzik, MD, Elyse Lavine, MD, Ilana Spitz, PA-C, Deepa Ravikumar, MD, Lois-Ann Welsh, PA-C

    Category: Conferences | Science, Health and Medicine

    Date and Time: 30th September 2023 at 7:45 am to 5:00 pm

    The Mount Sinai Hospital, 1468 Madison Avenue, New York, 10029, United States

    Organiser Name: Well-Assembled Meetings

    Contact: Spencer Page


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